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Meet the team at Westfield Farm

Get to know Barry McBride, our Westfield Farm Coordinator

“I pride myself on helping people in the local community to succeed and thrive!” 

Barry does a wonderful job of looking after the Community Resource and Training Centre and supporting our customers who use our IT suite when looking for work and training. Barry’s mission is to create a friendly environment for customers so they can ask for support and get involved with the volunteering opportunities.  

Barry will be there to guide you, whether you need help applying for jobs or want to help maintain the stunning garden. 

If you are thinking of getting involved at Westfield Farm, Barry is one of many friendly faces you can turn to. 

Get to know Katie Carroll, our Volunteer and Work Experience Co-ordinator

“My rewarding job involves helping people in the community gain invaluable experience and skills which help build the foundations towards improving their welfare and aspirations.” 

Katie recruits and supports Beyond Housing volunteers and work experience placements, checking their suitability, personal needs and training requirements. Katie regularly helps our volunteers look for jobs, compose CVs, access training and prepare for interviews whilst providing information, advice and guidance.  

Katie will help you progress and take those big steps towards employment! 

If you are thinking of getting involved at Westfield Farm, Katie will be happy support and guide you.