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Throughout February and March, a sample of 1,000 Beyond Housing customers will be invited to participate in our Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) survey. This survey, mandated by the government, helps us understand your experiences and improve our services as your landlord. 

Why your feedback matters: 

  • Your opinion matters – this survey goes beyond individual service experiences and delves deeper into how you feel about Beyond Housing overall 
  • The results help us identify areas for improvement, ultimately leading to better services and living conditions for everyone 
  • It’s mandatory for us to participate, and we’re committed to using your feedback effectively. 

How you’ll be contacted: 

  • The survey will be carried out by our independent research partners, IFF Research 
  • They will reach out to customers by phone or email 
  • We offer the survey in various formats, including different languages, braille, and easy-read versions. 

What you’ll be asked: 

  • The survey covers key areas like repairs, home maintenance, communication, respect, and handling of anti-social behaviour 
  • We’ll also ask how likely you are to recommend us to others. 

What happens next: 

  • All results, including both customer feedback and service data, will be submitted to the government by August 2024 
  • We’ll also publish the results openly on our website for everyone to see. 

Help us make a difference! If you receive an invitation, please take a few minutes to share your honest feedback.  

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