Keeping your home in tip top shape

We work hard to ensure our homes meet the highest quality standards, but, of course, all houses need looking after. That ís why we have a dedicated and skilled in-house team and independent contractors who carry out reactive and planned work.

How to report a repair

We ask that you report any repair to us, regardless of responsibility. We’ll then fix the problem as quickly as possible, though naturally, we prioritise repairs according to their urgency.

It’s really important that you allow us or anybody working for us into your home at reasonable hours to inspect your home or carry out any work. We will normally give you 24 hours’ notice except in the case of emergency. We may gain entry using such means as necessary. Identity cards will be shown by us or anybody working for us. If in doubt, please close the door and call our Service Centre on 0345 056 6565.

In an emergency

In certain cases, we’ll send out our emergency repair team. This is when there is an immediate danger to people, a potential for serious damage, to secure a property or to restore gas, water or electricity.

To report an emergency repair outside of office hours call 0345 065 5656.

Missed appointments

If we attend an appointment and you’re not home and/or if you exaggerate the urgency of your repair to get it dealt with sooner; you may end up with a fine of £75 plus any extra costs incurred with the work. This reflects the cost we incur to attend a call out.

Not only do missed appointments and exaggerated calls waste time and money, they may also prevent us from attending a real emergency. Please help us to provide the best service possible by making sure you’ll be in when we call.